Is it safe to walk in downtown savannah at night?

Do your research, be careful, and preferably don't do it only in places you're not sure about, but trust me, this is a great way to get to know a city to get a different perspective. I live in a crime zone in Savannah, so I've seen things over the years that I wish I hadn't seen. The Savannah School of Art and Design is a private, accredited, degree-granting university with headquarters in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia, Hong Kong and Lacoste (France). While the situation has improved somewhat in recent years, Savannah city leaders and community members are concerned about the problem of gun violence in the city. I love your work; I recently photographed Savannah and many of the same places, a city so beautiful and perfect for HDR-DRI photography and, of course, for the old city atmosphere and fabulous restaurants.

Violent crime accounts for a significant portion of Savannah crime, accounting for just over 20% of total crime. This one should be common sense, but it's worth repeating anyway, as Savannah has a very popular nightlife. I'm leaving for Savannah in a month. This makes me eager and it's also a virtual reminder to take my tripod ;-).

As mentioned before, vehicle theft is the most common crime in Savannah, accounting for 22% of total reported crimes. The good news is that, in addition to crime, there are other challenges to your safety that you should worry about when visiting Savannah. When you read my personal anecdotes and the safety tips from Savannah mentioned above, remember that I have lived in the city for quite some time. However, if you drove to Savannah with your family car or rented a vehicle to explore other parts of Georgia before or after your visit to Savannah, you should take precautions to protect your car of this crime.

I recently attended an event in the Starland district and decided to walk there from my house, which was less than five blocks away. This is because would-be thieves frequently walk the streets of Savannah, checking door handles. of cars.

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