What is downtown savannah known for?

Downtown Savannah is known for its mix of Southern charm, historic importance, and the bustle of urban life. Savannah is known for some of the oldest and most historic religious sites in the South. Visit the First African Baptist Church, home to the oldest black congregation in North America. From there, head to the Second African Baptist Church, made famous by the proclamation of “forty acres and a mule”.

The Mickve Israel Congregation is the third oldest Jewish congregation in the United States and the only Gothic-style synagogue in North America. Finally, a trip to Savannah is not complete without a visit to the “Sistine of the South”, the cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, one of the most photographed monuments in Savannah. If you have in mind an image of the street par excellence of Southern Savannah, it is very likely that you are imagining Jones Street.

Visitors can wonder at Savannah's most famous fountain inside the park, which was installed in 1838 and built to reflect the fountains on Paris' Place de la Concorde. Located in downtown Savannah, Chippewa Square was named after the Battle of Chippewa, which took place in the War of 1812. River Street is the northernmost and probably the most well-known street in Savannah. This palatial Roman Catholic cathedral and minor basilica is an iconic structure. of the city of Savannah.

Located in the historic Scarborough House, the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum exhibits a collection of artifacts, antiques, model ships and paintings that serve as an ode to Savannah's rich maritime history in the 1700s and 1800s. The Georgia Central Railroad National Monuments District, in Savannah, is the oldest and most comprehensive pre-war railroad facility still in existence. Whether you want cobblestone views or historic monuments, Savannah is home to a variety of rooftop bars and restaurants to explore. With four blocks in downtown Savannah, City Market has been a shopping, dining and entertainment hub since it was established at the beginning of the 18th century.

The church was built by enslaved people and is one of the oldest active congregations in Savannah. In addition, an on-site gift shop and museum show more essential information about Savannah, Georgia. The Telfair Academy, one of three venues owned by the Telfair Museums, is located inside a historic Savannah mansion designed by William Jay and built in 1818. Located in a restored 18th-century building overlooking the Savannah River, River House Seafood serves refined seafood and Southern specialties in a rustic, elegant setting. Opened in 1818 in downtown Savannah, Juliette Gordon Low's birthplace was built on the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of Girl Scouts of the USA. From serene saltwater swamps to historic waterfront homes, see all the beauty of Savannah aboard an unforgettable river cruise.

Award-winning performances take center stage year-round at historic sites such as the Savannah Theater and the Lucas Theater...

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