Why is savannah ga so popular?

Astonishing landscapes, historic monuments, fantastic food and legendary Southern hospitality are just a few of the many reasons to visit Savannah, Georgia. Exploring Savannah is witnessing American history. Savannah is located at the mouth of the Savannah River and remained an important port city for the cotton and lumber industries for many years. When you're tired of shopping and drinking, head to Rousakis Riverfront Plaza for sweeping views of the Savannah River and the colorful Savannah Belles ferries that come and go from Hutchinson Island.

The main attraction (and one of the most posted places on Instagram in Savannah) is the Forsyth Park fountain, built in 1858. From manicured parks and horse-drawn carriages to ornate pre-war architecture, it's no wonder that Savannah is one of the most visited cities in the South. The six-mile trail, about 10 miles east of Savannah, is actually a stretch of the Savannah & Atlantic Railroad line, an excursion railroad that carried passengers between the city and Tybee Island before it was abandoned in 1933. Savannah has a rich history that dates back to the beginning of the 18th century, but the curious fact that attracted the most attention during my time there was that Savannah was the only area in the path of Union General William Tecumseh who decided not to burn to the ground during his Civil War-era “March to the Sea”. Whether you want to enjoy a traditional home-cooked meal or indulge in contemporary international fare, Savannah has it all. Apparently, Savannah has earned the reputation of being the most haunted city in the United States, and although I specifically avoided giving more details about it (after all, I had to sleep every night), you should know that if you like haunted history, you'll love Savannah.

Since 1777, this congregation has been holding services in the city, as a testimony to the contributions of the black community to Savannah and the United States. Unless Lincoln, Nebraska, is high on your wish list (I'm not judging), I think I can safely say that Savannah is one of the few incredible cities in the U.S. UU. Since SCAD was founded in the late 1970s, there is now a thriving alumni population as well, and you can tell this when strolling the streets of Savannah.

Savannah is the most haunted city in the United States, but you probably wouldn't imagine that one of the best places to drink beer in the city is its most haunted place. If you haven't considered including Savannah in your list of priorities, here are a few reasons to push it up a notch. That's why, to make your next trip to Savannah even better, we've compiled a list of the main fun facts about this fascinating city on the riverbank. The path meanders through white sand and ridged pastures and sometimes borders the southern channel of the Savannah River. Brimming with Spanish moss and Southern charm, Savannah's elegant architecture and rich history make it the perfect place to visit and use as a base camp to explore the wilder side of this jewel of Georgia.

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