Is savannah georgia a walkable city?

Savannah is a very walkable city that's perfect for walking, but sometimes it's good to rest your feet and take a walk around town. Savannah is the fifth largest city in the Peach State, but its historic district is compact and easy to explore on foot. Most streets and walkways are pedestrian-friendly and well marked with useful signs. The city has worked hard over the years to promote green pedaling and Bike Walk Savannah is a fantastic resource for detailed information and maps.

Either way, there's no shortage of excitement and mischief one can enjoy, as possibilities abound in this downtown Savannah community. Whether you're into outdoor adventures, relaxing beach days, or historic architecture, these are the best day trips from Savannah. When it comes to parking, Savannah has public garages throughout the city center with hourly and full-day rates. Victory Heights, a more diverse neighborhood than most of Savannah, is located just north of Victory Drive, near Bonaventure Cemetery.

If you're wearing walking shoes, it's totally possible to visit every one of Savannah's squares and monuments in one day. This 6-acre park-like cemetery has been closed to burial since 1853 and is the oldest intact municipal cemetery in Savannah. City Market is one of the most visited attractions in Savannah, Georgia, where artists work in their lofts and exhibit works for sale. The waters off Georgia's coast are teeming with wildlife, making it ideal for fishing, diving, walking on the beach or doing tourism.

These colorful ships have been carrying passengers across the Savannah River for years, but many outsiders don't even realize they're open to the general public.

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