Is savannah a foodie city?

Savannah is a foodie's dream, from a variety of global cuisine to its unique and eccentric Southern lowland cuisine. With the motto “Memphis is born and Savannah is made”, owner Keith Latture attracts everyone with all his sauce. At the top of the Bohemian Hotel, you'll find Rocks on the Roof, which serves martinis by the fireplace and tasty tapas with panoramic views of the Savannah River. Savannah's food and beverage landscape is constantly changing and expanding, but it's also based on institutions that are decades old.

Speaking of drinks, Savannah has a reliable selection of rooftop watering holes, where the quality of the preparation is only compared to the quality of the view. It has a Memphis-style sweet sauce, a mustard-based Savannah sauce, and a vinegar-based western North Carolina sauce. Nominated for a James Beard Award in hospitality, Elizabeth's on 37th sets high standards of service in Savannah. Food writer and culinary television personality Rebekah Faulk Lingenfelser appreciates the quality and depth of Savannah's culinary scene.

Some Savannah diners have eaten a serving of Vinnie Van Gogo's late at night without knowing that they've eaten a serving of Vinnie Van Gogo's late at night (the city is known for allowing containers to be opened, and sometimes visitors can overeat). The restaurant opened its doors in 1981, when the Starland District had not yet been a dream., and it's still one of the best restaurants in Savannah.

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