Is savannah historic district walkable?

Downtown Savannah stands out for the ease with which pedestrians can move simply by walking. Mobility & Parking Services works with other city departments to help expand accessibility on foot throughout the city. Victory Heights, a more diverse neighborhood than most of Savannah, is located just north of Victory Drive, near Bonaventure Cemetery. This community consists of only 25 blocks of excellent housing for beginners, mostly 2 or 3 bedroom bungalows dating from the 1940s and 1950s and surrounding a central park in the neighborhood.

Residents can be young couples who have just arrived in the neighborhood or important 40-year-old individuals who have seen the community change over the past few decades. Looking for a large Craftsman mansion? How about a small bungalow? A big yard? Small yard? It doesn't matter, because Baldwin Park has it all. Located north of Victory Drive, opposite Ardsley Park, Baldwin offers a diverse and modern alternative to its neighbor to the south. The community's namesake park is located directly downtown, at Atlantic & 41st, and acts as the social hub for the children of all residents.

Neighborhood members can range from army captains to SCAD teachers and career musicians. Initially built to house railroad workers in the mid-19th century, the Beach Institute is that narrow strip of timber-framed houses located on the eastern edge of the historic Victorian and Landmark districts. It's the most affordable neighborhood in the historic center, one of the quietest, and it's very easy to find parking. Depending on who you ask, you might hear that the Starland district is a shining example of successful and sustainable gentrification in a neighborhood that once was neglected.

They will delve into the history of Savannah while providing insider information on restaurants and entertainment. Either way, there's no shortage of excitement and mischief one can enjoy, as possibilities abound in this downtown Savannah community. In addition to incredible places, you'll find lots of great restaurants, cafés, bars, and lots of history. Savannah is a very easy city to explore on foot, perfect for walking, but sometimes it's good to rest your feet and take a walk around the city.

If you're wearing walking shoes, it's totally possible to visit every one of Savannah's squares and monuments in one day. This 6-acre park-like cemetery has been closed to burial since 1853 and is the oldest intact municipal cemetery in Savannah. City Market is one of the most visited attractions in Savannah, Georgia, where artists work in their lofts and exhibit works for sale.

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