What are the cons of living in savannah georgia?

As in most places in Georgia, Savannah's weather can be hot and humid during the summer months, making some people uncomfortable. Savannah is in a hurricane-prone area, which can be a cause for concern during hurricane season. This coastal city also has a dreadful smell and an overabundance of tourists. From historic tours to crime rates, we explain the pros and cons of living in Savannah, GA.

Established in 1733, it has long been a port city with a diverse mix of people arriving. Much of the year the weather is nice, so people flock to Savannah all year round. Good that Savannah is so easy to walk on because it's hard to park. Due to tourists and limited space, it's getting harder to find a place to park.

The rates associated with parking are affordable, so it's not like parking really saps your budget. The smell of the Garden City paper mill comes from 50 years of operation of a mill, in addition to the salty water of the river and the smell of tons of diesel trucks coming in and out of ports. We have a housing shortage, we have about 2,000 homeless people and we also have a large Homeless Authority, as well as a large Housing Authority to help people with those problems. We have excellent gastronomic, tourist, artistic and musical experiences all year round, many of them free, in addition to a pleasant warm climate. I've been traveling to Savannah every day for 17 years and I've never smelled a thing.

Coastal areas here and elsewhere smell like salt, but that's normal. I suppose it might depend on the road you're traveling on, since Raynoir has paper mills all over southeastern Georgia and they emit an odor nearby, but to suggest that there's a persistent smell in the city is bad information. The Savannah Theater also hosts several musical and live performances, ranging from Paranormal Investigations to watching legends perform some of their most famous hits. Although this type of insurance isn't always mandatory, if you live in a flooded area, it's highly recommended.

In recent history, Savannah has done everything possible to make its streets, shops, hotels and attractions much more accessible to guests in electric wheelchairs. In fact, the Savannah Morning News reported that the Department of Transportation included the city among the ten most expensive airports in the country. This amount isn't unusual in some cities, but it's high when you consider some cities in Georgia that continue to pay only 4% sales tax. There's a unique and magical mix of past and present from the moment you first set foot in Savannah, Georgia.

We'll cover some of the best reasons to call Savannah, Georgia home, along with some examples that may cause you to take another direction. While the tourism industry in Savannah accounts for billions of dollars in expenditures each year, it can be a little overwhelming for such a small city. You might be thinking about moving to Savannah, Georgia, or you're simply interested in the livability of the city, so to help you out, we've compiled the pros and cons of living in Savannah. In nearly every category, Savannah proved to be less expensive to live in compared to the state of Georgia and the United States in general.

The savanna sees a strong increase in mosquitoes and gnats as the summer months go on, although you'll find these pests all year round if you live near any body of water. Savannah is slightly lower than Georgia in this case, but it is still above the US median, with 22.83 violations. On the contrary, others, such as Savannah in 10,000 Steps, allow you to achieve your fitness goals all at once. If you're in a wheelchair or need mobility assistance, Savannah could be a difficult place for independence.

As in Florida, seasons in Savannah are relegated to tourist seasons, which separate the busiest seasons from the more docile ones. However, considering that the population of Savannah represents less than 30% of that figure, it is clear that the arrival of a large number of people at one time to the city could wreak havoc on traffic and entertainment. locals.

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