What is the main strip in savannah ga?

River Street is a sparkling, multifaceted gem along the wide Savannah River. The centuries-old buildings, which were once cotton warehouses, have been converted into antique stores, exclusive boutiques, spectacular galleries, quaint beer pubs, fabulous restaurants, unique nightclubs and elegant inns and hotels. Today, you'll find a constant crowd of friendly locals, from people who've earned a lot of money in Savannah to art school students and young professionals, who enjoy good conversation as much as a cheap beer. The Savannah Theater on Bull Street opened in 1818, making it one of the oldest continuously operating theaters in the United States.

Always packed, always lively, always entertaining, Jazz'd is the place you can't miss in downtown Savannah. And if you want to experience an authentic nightlife in Savannah, be sure to visit Pinkie Master's Lounge, a local institution known for its gin and tonic in plastic cups, its PBR and its fascinating political history. Whether you like shopping or just like to walk around, Broughton Street, in downtown Savannah, has everything you need for visitors of all ages. On those rare cold Savannah nights, the bonfire provides warmth for guests who still want enjoy the view.

Whatever you're looking for in Savannah, from nightlife to upscale restaurants, you'll find it on Broughton Street. If you like the atmosphere of a dive bar, be sure to visit Pinkie Master's, a Savannah institution famous for its gin cocktails in plastic cups, its flowing PBR and its relaxed atmosphere. One of the best places to have a drink and chat is Rocks on the Roof, a rooftop bar located atop the elegant Bohemian Hotel on River Street, with stunning views of the Savannah skyline. Live music from Tuesday to Sunday completes the Jazz'd experience, making it one of the best places to spend a night in Savannah.

Traditional arts, trains, and racing (yes, just like in cars), these museums are ready to give you an idea of what makes Savannah so special.

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