What is savannah's nickname?

Savannah, the image of pre-war hospitality, is dubbed the “host city of the South”. Savannah is a feminine name, perfect for any adorable girl. Check out our middle names for Savannah. The meaning of this name is “treeless plain” and it is also the name of a coastal town in Georgia.

We all love a little bit of television. Read this list to discover 50 TV characters who share the name “Savannah Savannah” is the name of an adorable little girl. If you're looking for children's versions of “Savannah”, this list is perfect for you. The word Savannah originates from the Spanish word for “open plain”.

The meaning of the name Savannah is grassy plain or “open plain”. Savannah Anne Kathleen Phillips In conclusion, if you know someone named Savanna, this list of 120 nifty nicknames is a great resource for finding creative ways and fun to approach.

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