What's so special about savannah georgia?

As the oldest city in the state of Georgia, Savannah has a long and colorful history filled with interesting characters and beautiful places. From manicured parks and horse-drawn carriages to ornate pre-war architecture, it's no wonder that Savannah is one of the most visited cities in the South. The Port of Savannah is said to be one of the busiest seaports in the United States. The port is located northwest of the city, past the Talmadge Memorial Bridge.

Therefore, hundreds of huge container ships sail the Savannah River every day. Because of what might seem like a lack of an LGBTQ scene, at least in the cultured and modern areas of Savannah, gays, lesbians, etc. are so well accepted, at least while I was living there, that there is no separation or need for specific events or spaces for the LGBTQ community. There's no better way to explore the Savannah River than sailing aboard the Savannah Riverboat.

General Sherman sat at the mayor's desk and wrote to Abraham Lincoln to tell him that Savannah it was his Christmas present. I am now in Savannah and I was looking for some advice and your blog not only gave me information but also truth. The extravagance, the ghosts, the creative art scene and all the welcoming attitude, worthy of the title of Host City of the South, are many of the few magical things that I love about Savannah. Seeing Spanish moss hanging on oak trees and streetlights is one of the unique things that make Savannah worth visiting.

The founder of Savannah, Oglethorpe, didn't just look after the welfare of his future citizens, but also to help them don't get lost. But if you hear someone say that no battle has ever been fought in Savannah, that's not really true. There's a long story about drinking with George Washington and a bucket for horses (because, of course, everything in Savannah has some good stories). Colonial Park Cemetery is a historic cemetery located in downtown Savannah, a few blocks north of St.

Savannah's Cathedral Basilica, and it's an incredibly popular filming destination, as it's incredibly impressive, can be easily adapted to look like any time in U.S. history, and Georgia offers fantastic tax breaks to the film industry. This is a place you should visit, not only because of its history and beauty (which come in droves), but because entering Savannah instantly de-stresses you out. Instead of destroying Savannah as he did Atlanta, Sherman sent a telegraph from Savannah, with its tidy squares and lush vegetation, to President Lincoln offering the city as a Christmas present. To all of you who are fortunate enough to call Savannah home, I thank you for the opportunity to visit your little piece of heaven.

Savannah is the first city in Georgia, I think, to allow same-sex marriages, not only because of legal circumstances, but also in churches.

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