Why is the savannah unusual?

Known as America's first planned city, Savannah was unique in that public squares and public streets were arranged in grids. Unique adventures can include a tour of a haunted cemetery, kayaking on Tybee Island, exciting deep-sea fishing activities and sailing the Savannah River. There really is something for everyone to enjoy. Savannah Bee Company is one of the most exclusive stores in the city, offering hundreds of flavors of honey, cosmetics, candles, food and more.

If you've never tried mead, a timeless wine made from fermented honey, you've come to the right place. They have a fully stocked bar with every mead imaginable. Located on an old cobblestone street, the Graveface Museum is one of Savannah's least explored rarities. What at first glance looks like a taxidermy museum is actually a portal to the dark, mysterious and unusual.

The second floor of the museum is dedicated to photos and videos that explore the history of traveling carnivals and side shows. But the space beyond is the real star of the show. As one of the original thirteen colonies of the United States and the oldest city in Georgia, Savannah is known for its historic sights, but Garden City has a stranger side. The first drawing of the plan, entitled “A view of the savanna as it was”, on March 29, 1734, is also the subject of debate among scholars.

The hotel, which consists of 126 incredibly luxurious rooms, was built in 1888 and is located in the historic Forsyth Park area of Savannah. There is also a park system along the Savannah River, high on the cliff; Forsyth Park culminates the plan in the south, while the streets and avenues in between have wooded lawns in the center or on the sides. Imported glass chandeliers, marble floors and mahogany doors are just a few of the details that have turned one of Savannah's best examples of Greek Renaissance architecture into a living piece of history. Before the iconic River Street was humbly reconnected to Savannah with the addition of the city's entertainment hub, Plant Riverside District, its location it housed the original power plant from 1912. Other scholars still support Savannah historian William Harden's 1885 claim that architect Robert Castell, a friend of Oglethorpe's who later died in a debtors' prison in London, England, inspired the founder of Georgia for his plan.

Instead of destroying Savannah as he did Atlanta, Sherman sent a telegraph from Savannah, with its tidy squares and lush vegetation, to President Lincoln offering the city as a Christmas present. Chances are you've seen Savannah's iconic images of a romantic white fountain surrounded by old oak trees covered in moss. There's also an excellent visitor center, where you can stop by to ask questions and get maps to help you on your trip to Savannah, Georgia. Astonishing landscapes, historic monuments, fantastic food and legendary Southern hospitality are just a few of the many reasons to visit Savannah, Georgia.

Combining improvisation, monologue and history, this 90-minute comedic tour is filled with laughter and 300 years of Savannah history. There are plenty of picturesque places on Tybee Island to take memorable photos while vacationing in Savannah, Georgia: the colorful historic lighthouse on Tybee Island, the Tybee Pier and miles of boardwalks, to name a few. In 1733, one of Savannah's founding fathers, General James Oglethorpe, drew up an urban plan for what was then called the British Colony of Georgia. The oldest standing brick fort in Georgia, Old Fort Jackson, is the perfect place to continue your descent into the strange savanna.

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